Track Your Ad Campaign, Easily.

berrymuch™, is a web and mobile-based media buying platform by Berry Advertising and Communications Agency. It is easy, reliable and organized platform designed to organize, schedule and report media buy for TV, Radio, outdoor print and digital media.


Our Philosophy

  • Think Big
    Think Big

    Great accomplishments require bold thinking. Life is short so why not go as big as possible? We aim for the starts and embrace the failure. Pushing the limit is the only way to discover the true potential of our work.

  • Be Mission Driven
    Be Mission Driven

    Our mission is to craft meaningful experiences for the people around us. This mission inspires us to jump out of bed each day and guides every aspect of what we do. We are drawn to mission-driven people and companies that believe success is a byproduct of their passion and purpose.

  • Craft Everything
    Craft Everything

    Dedication to your craft is a key to unleashing truly unique experience. We strive to provide the most innovative, affordable and intuitive experience for our clients. We are in a mission to tailor craft a media buying solution that will appeal to individuals and organizations to give them the most personalized experience possible.

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What’s berrymuch™?

  • The concept of berrymuch™ is a convenient platform, where clients can access their campaign in terms of strategy, budget spending and so much more.

  • The idea of berrymuch™ is giving access to companies, which are interested in advertising their products and services in a range of medias including but not limited to TV ads, Radio and Printed media

  • The reason why we launched berrymuch™ is to give our clients opportunities, when it comes to media buying solution.It allows them to access various strategies, which they have been working with us to develop a campaign strategy.

Why berrymuch™


berrymuch™ aims to provide the best media buying solution available at a price point that is affordable for small to midsize firms. We’ve worked to create a solution for all agencies, whether an agency buys one platform or many medias in various markets.

Web-Based + mobile app

Our Media buying solutions platform is easily available from any connected device. Whether you are checking our web app specially designed to take advantage of large screens or use one of our Android or IOS apps you can rest knowing that, wherever you are you will always be in charge of your campaign.

Time Saving

berrymuch™ campaigns can span on multiple media types, with worksheets allowing various vendors in each media types. Every update on your campaign takes place in real-time, Hence clients can see changes, without having to save or print.

You have our Support

Other real-time interactions offered by BerryMuch include live demonstrations, training and system support, which help to make your media buying process faster and more efficient. Around the Clock Support for you from Team Berry

Android or IOS, you can rest knowing that, wherever you are, you will always be in charge of your campaign.

You can find berrymuch™mobile app on google play and apple store

"Berry's Clients will be delighted to use the app to keep in contact with our teams"

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Whats in berrymuch™

  • Easy set up: User friendly and easy to start up.
  • Reliable support: Around the clock support team from team Berry
  • Access from anywhere: Use your mobile phone or personal computer
  • System training: No need to attend a computer course to figure out how our platform works.
  • Common questions about berrymuch™

    Contact us on if you've got more questions and we'll answer.

    • What are its strength ?

      berrymuch™ is built with the user in mind and is user friendly and easy to use. It is also easily accessible from any platform Desktop or Mobile allowing our clients to get the Job done in the go

    • where do i register to get access

      Clients and vendors are saved to the end-user’s account and can be easily accessed in database style. A variety of reports can also be pulled and formatted from the vendor database.

    • Does it include all media?

      Yes; all modules have worksheets that will create insertion orders with digital capability.

    • Is it Excel compatible?

      Yes;Berry Much is Excel compatible. Reports can be exported in CSV format.

    • Is it cloud-based

    • Who do i contact, to know more?

    • Do I need to be a pro to use this?

    • Can i share my access with others